Woman with Brow Brush


£333 Inc Kit


What you will learn


Anatomy and Physiology

Health and Safety 

Contraindications/Contra action

Brow Lamination Procedure 

1x Live Model




Fully Accredited 

Pre Requisite: Lash/Brow Tinting and Shaping

our Brow stylist course covers this add for an extra £150




Certificate On Completion

Jessica is the UK Educator and Ambassador for Mrs. Highbrow and Dyotics 

Brow Lamination Starter Kit 

Mrs. Highbrow


  • Brow Lamination Adhesive, 10 ml

  • Step 1 Lifting Lotion, 5 ml

  • Step 2 Setting Lotion, 5 ml

  • Step 3 Nourishing Gel, 5 ml

  • 2x Lifting Tool

  • 15x Applicator

  • 15x Spoolie

  • Manual