Microblading Ombre 

£600 no kit included


What you will learn


Anatomy and Physiology

Health and Safety 

Contraindications/Contra action

Colour theory|Fitzpatrick scale|Skin tones

Eyebrow Mapping

Pre procedure|Consultation|Aftercare

Different Microblades/Tools

1x Live Models




Fully Accredited

Pre Requisite: Microblading

1 Day Course


After the course you will be required to submit 3x case studies. You will need to complete and send:

  • Consultation Forms of models/Treatment feedback

  • Before Picture

  • After  Picture

  • Healed Picture after 4 weeks

  • And Top up

All pictures must be taken at multiple angles and close ups


Once you have submitted the following this will be assessed. Once your work has been assessed you will either gain your qualification or you may need further support and complete further case studies.