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Microblading to Machine Conversion Course

This course is designed for experienced microblading artists who want to create ombre/powder brows with a digital machine.


What you will learn


Anatomy and Physiology

Health and Safety 

Contraindications/Contra action

Colour theory|Fitzpatrick scale|Skin tones

Eyebrow Mapping

Pre procedure|Consultation|Aftercare

1x Live Models



£950 no kit included

Fully Accredited 


1 Day Course

Pre Requisite: Microblading


*Machine not included in price machine but we have 2 machines that can be purchased


 Option 1


 £228.99 which includes 

• black wireless machine

• 3 settings

• 2 battery ’ s

• battery charging cable

• 5W

• ideal for in clinic or mobile

• pack of 20 needles 1RL 3RL

• adapter

• dial twist to adjust needle length

Option 2

£428.99 which includes

• black corded tablet

• 1 x Power Supply and power cord

• 1 x connect cord 

• Pen speed Max 10000 RMP 

• Dial assist to control depth​

  • pack of 20 needles 1RL 3RL